Steve Wilson flying in the Up North Combine and Greater Yorkshire Amalgamation is having a really top old bird season scoring at the very top in the classic races.

When Steve restarted in the sport a couple of years ago he was single minded about having birds from our very best which often saw him attending our auctions and singling out individuals he was interested in and buying them regardless of the competition. Steve is a fearless buyer when he has the very best quality available in his sights and only the very best will do.

Steve also purchased birds from the renowned Ruud and Dolf Bakker of the Netherlands, initially from the Duif Auction in Blackpool and then direct from the Bakkers loft and again only from the very best available.

Our top lines crossed with the Bakker lines are now winning exceptionally well for him as his team gets established.

In the Up North Combine Maidstone Classic flown on the 30th June a distance of 269 miles to Steve he won 1st,2nd & 3rd club, 1st, 5th and 8th Teeside Fed , 2nd Section 5 and 6th Open Up North Combine against 11,782 birds.

His winner if from a direct son of ‘Drum’ and ‘Gerrie’ with a Bakker hen. This three year old hen also bred Steve’s 1st Club from Reed in the GYA Club on the same weekend.

Steves second bird was from a Bakker cock paired with a direct daughter of ‘Dutch Master’ once again coupled with ‘Gerrie’, and his third timer was again from a Bakker cock with a daughter of our old principle breeders ‘Hannibal’ coupled with ‘Genie’ (Drum x Gerrie).

Steve also won 33rd Up North Combine from Burbure 1 race a distance of 320 miles against 10,633 birds with one from a son of ‘Hannibal’.

Speaking to Steve today he reports winning yesterday 1st and 2nd club, 1st and 2nd Stockton and District Fed from Battle 266 miles in the GYA once again with two from a son of Hannibal and a Bakker hen.

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Steve on these super results and I am certain he will go from strength to strength in the nest few seasons.