Ali Brothers of South Shields are an example of the legendary fanciers for very many years that I have read about and admired, however I have not personally met them myself. I am never the less honored to receive a very welcome message updating us on the continuing results of their top racer ‘Super Section’ a son of their outstanding ‘Section Cock’.

The ‘Section Cock’ was bred from a top breeding son of Sir Guy a cock we bred from Hannibal and Genie (Drum x Gerrie) and sold to Davy Barron and the late Dennis Blakey as a youngster, that bred very well for his owners including 2nd Up North Combine Folkestone 17.762 birds beaten for first by 0.002 y.p.m. As a matter of interest the dams side is down from the Triple X lines of Dennis Blakey and he bred this cock from a daughter of our old Sabina Hen that Dennis and Dave had on loan for a short while.

A story about Sabina. Mike Ganus and I visited Jo and Filip Herbots in the Autumn of 2003…They were very excited about a new cock he had recently introduced ‘The Fenomenale’ the winner of 1st Belgian National Ace Middle Distance KBDB 2002 raced by Camiel Nulens from the famous old ‘Wezel’ bloodline of Serge Van Elsaker.  We handled him and were both as equally impressed and bought two hens direct from him for our won breeding loft. Mike paired his ‘Fenomenale Lady’ to ‘Rocket’ and amongst many great pigeons bred from that pair one was GFL 2007-687 ‘Juwel’ that was subsequently purchased by Jack Walker of Cannock and she together with a son of Dutch Master formed Jack’s super breeding pair that bred amongst many others the sire of the famous Pink Eyes  raced by Morris and Booker.

I brought ‘Sabina’ the other daughter of ‘Fenomenale’ back to our North Wales breeding loft and paired her to Hannibal the nest season and in her first nest she bred a 1st Combine winning young bird in her first nest against 5056 birds in our Nieuwendijk racing loft.   A few season later we paired ‘Sabina’ to ‘Galveston’ bred by Mike from ‘Aviator’ an Olympiade Ace winner  and they bred the mother of the same ‘Pink Eyes’ who together with her mate ‘Full Set’ became renowned with some of the most breath taking performances ever seen in the West Midlands hot bed of pigeon racing. They then became even better breeders including ‘Rhiannon’ in their first nest as yearlings and she has become one of our principle breeding hens of the last ten years. Still is!

Dave Barron and his late partner Dennis Blakey visited us one day. ‘Sabrina’ had bred three rounds and she was separated. Dennis noticed her in the aviary and fell in love with her. She went back with Dave and Dennis that day to breed a few late youngsters for themselves and one became the mother of the ‘Triple X’ cock , winner of the UNC and has become a quite remarkable breeder. The ‘Triple X ‘ bloodline is well represented in the ‘Section Cock’ pedigree of Ali Brothers.

The ‘Section Cock’ was a super racer 3x1st club 2x1st fed 1x2nd fed , 1st 4th 4th 32nd section 4 and now a phenomenal breeder paired to fantastic desperado for the past 2 seasons they have bred countless winners and are responsible for a section winner in 2 consecutive seasons.

When paired to GB18F28422 ‘Fantastic Desperado’ that we bred from Desperado with a daughter of ‘War Drum’ x Sunday Girl’ they became a real golden pair and bred their star performer  ‘Super Section’ winner of  1st Federation , 1st Section 2673 birds and 1st Federation, 2nd Section ,10th Up North Combine Eastbourne 9152 birds.  ‘The ‘Super Section Cock’ in turn bred ‘Triple Section’ when in the race team  winner of  1st Federation , 1st Section Newark against 4725 birds.

Pedigree for the ‘Super Section’ cock from The Section Cock and The Fantastic Desperado Hen…before updating with his recent performance.

The Fantastic Desperado Hen of Ali Brothers South Shields…


War Drum ‘Pops Up’ everywhere! Very often with ‘Sunday Girl’.

Sunday Girl 

On 25th June this year 2022 ‘Super Section’ once again tops the Federation and Section 4 from Plumpton winning 8th Up North Combine against 9,040 birds making his updated record 3x1st feds 2x1st sections 1x2nd section up to 5000 birds 8th UNC 9040 birds 10th UNC 9152 birds. An outstanding young cock indeed. Many congratulations.