Team-Ede Pigeons is with Christian Van de Wetering and Rik Hermans.

“Lone Survivor” 6th UK 45th Open In The Final Of The Million Dollar Pigeon Race… This Cock Was The 5th AcePigeon Across 5 Hotspot Races.. From The 4 Birds Infront Of Him 2 Did Not Return At All From The Final & The Other 2 Did Not Make The Top 50…

Lone Survivor Results

HS1 7th UK… 54th Open 2334b.. 105 Miles
HS2 26th UK… 468th Open 2216b.. 140 Miles
HS3 18th UK… 294th… 2071b.. 165 Miles
HS4 5th UK… 71st Open… 1947b… 180 Miles
HS5 1st UK… 13th Open.. 1756b… 220 Miles
Final 6th UK… 45th Open 1548b.. 375 Mile

274 UK Birds Entered & Never Out Of The Top 26… I Am So Proud Of This Bird The More I Think About What He Has Achieved!
Not Surprising When You Consider His 4 Grandparents are New Harry, Full Sister To Harry, Foxy Lady & Propere Rik Peter Fox ??????

The Story Behind This Bird Is, From 6 Eggs, 2 Crushed, 2 Kicked Outh The Nest & When Finally 2 Hatched His Nest Mate Got Kicked Out The Nest Hence “Lone Survivor”