This is ‘Ikon’ winner of 1st Ducth National Middle Distance in 1996 the same year he won 1st Versele Laga World Champion Old Bird.                                                                                                           ‘Ikon’ was not only an exceptional racer but also went on to be a top class breeder. Probably his best direct son was ‘The Bank Robber’ owned by Dean Skuse of Nottingham and responsible for more than 75 winners!!


One of the most respected fanciers in the Midlands is without any doubt Mr Dean Skuse of Newstead Village, Nottingham.

Dean bought a GFL rung cock from our breeding loft in Holland a few years ago, that was one of the first ever bred from ‘Ikon’ the 1st Dutch National Ace Winner Middle Distance in 1996 and also winner of 1st Versela Laga World Champion Old Bird in the same year.

This cock of Deans is well known as ‘The Bank Robber’ and is now responsible for over 75 first prize winners!! A really super breeding cock by any measure. It must be noted that Dean has been a top fancier for over 60 years including racing the famous cock ‘Dixie Dean’ that was subsequently purchased by Louella, so his skill and selection of pigeons is second to none.

‘The Bank Robber’ has bred winners in all types of competition and distances and in all weather conditions. One really super cock down from him is ‘Iron Man’ a four times Diploma winner in the N.M.C.C. in addition to topping the Notts Derby Fed race from Saintes last year in murderously hot conditions, flying almost 14 hours on the wing and beating all three federations from the same liberation.  He himself has bred a hen that won 6 x 1st. The list goes on.

The latest winner down from ‘The Bank Robber’ was bred by Dean and raced by his friends Mr and Mrs M & J Gaunt of Belper and won 1st North Section and 1st Open in the North Midlands Continental Clubs race from Carentan last Saturday, beating 1502 birds entered by 152 members winning the open by 13 y.p.m.

This winner was bred from a granddaughter of ‘The Bank Robber’. Father was a son of our Tennyson (Mascotte x Agent Starling) with a daughter of Granger (Son of Rocket) paired to Rani (Daughter Magic Star).

Good bloodlines in good hands usually results in one thing…

Many congratulations to Dean and the Gaunt family on this excellent win…