Gaston Van De Wouwer – his hens do it again!

1st National Bourges yearlings, 2010.

Gaston van de Wouwer was surprisingly strong at the national Bourges. His little hen ‘Laura’ was both victorious against 17,061 yearlings and the fastest of all 39,301 Bourges-racers.

Berlaar, Belgium – Again, the white lofts
at number 8 Melkouwen in Berlaar are
triumphant as never before! The excitement
about the national victory from Guéret 2009
against 14,261 young pigeons has barely
calmed down, when ‘the Gaston’ strikes
again! In the first national race of the season
2010 it is the same story again … his hen
‘Laura’ (B09/6111538) … that already raced
with excellent results as a young pigeon …
left all other contestants behind. She not only
won the race from Bourges against 17,061
yearlings, she was also the fastest pigeon of
all 39,301 competitors in the race.
Gaston Van de Wouwer (66) … his victory list
is already many yards long … and includes
victories like 1st National Champion KBDB
long-distance young pigeons 2007 … 1st

Champion Long-distance Club Antwerp
young pigeons 2007 … 1st General Champion
Long-distance Club Antwerp 2009 … but the
cherries on top of the cake are the national
victories from Guéret 2009 and now the
national victory Bourges yearlings 2010!
Gaston learned the pigeon sport from his
father Edward, but when he started racing
for himself in 1972, he began improving the
quality of his pigeons. He started out with
pigeons from the butcher Govaerts … every
year his results became better … and in the
regional races, nobody was certain of the
victory before Gaston had presented his
But the speed races were declining, and at
the end of the nineties he changed to the

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middle-distance … and in 2003 to the one day distance races.
At first he brought in new blood by acquiring
pigeons from ‘De Kaasboer’ … and one of
these, the ‘Blauwe Kaasboer’, was such a
great champion, that he became the best
breeder of the loft. Later he also bought
pigeons from Bart Hendricks … Theo
Huysegoms from Meise … Johan De Belser
from Berlaar … Van Eynde-Goovaerts from
Putte … Eddy Janssens from Zandhoven …
Kristiaan Hennes from Rotselaar … Ludo Van
Nueten from Herentals … L-J-B Geerinckx
from Wommelgem … and from WoutersWouters from Tremelo.
With lots of patience … expert craftmanship
… and a ruthless selection, Gaston Van de
Wouwer has succeeded in building up a
colony from this basis, that can hold its own
at provincial and national level.
Gaston started the 2010 season with a team
of 15 widowers … 20 hens on widowhood …
and some 85 young pigeons. The eggs of the
24 breeding pairs were moved to other nests,
so that out of each breeding couple four young
could be entered at the start of the season.
The hens on widowhood were coupled on 1st
March and reared two young. Their training
was done while they were raising their young
… and when these were 16 days old both

squeakers and cocks were moved from the
loft … and the hens started on widowhood.
Medical care is kept to the minimum. One
week before training started, cocks and hens
received a Belgamagix tablet. During the
season that is only repeated on the advice
of the vet. There is no treatment against
bronchial infections … although many
fanciers don’t believe that. Four times a year,
Gaston takes his pigeons to vet Mariën or
Henk de Weerd for a check-up … and when
the pigeons are doing well, there is always
the indecision of giving treatment or not.
What then is given?
Form powder from vet Mariën … iron/vitamin
preparations from vet Mariën … Belgasol
from Belgica-de Weerd at the start of a race
and at the return … regularly apple vinegar
and garlic in the drinker … and also regularly
Sedochol. The first two days after returning
from a race the pigeons are fed with super
diet … then they change to sport mixture …
a mixture of the well-known brands VerseleNatural-Van Robaeys-Beyers.
And ‘Laura’ … that bright hen of barely a fist
tall … finished before all other Bourges racers
with a magnificent final sprint.
The ‘great’ Gaston and his ‘little’ hens … a
formidable team!


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