Kemp & McBride holding the winner of 1st open N.I.P.A  Fermoy when 1127 members sent 28,178 birds. The winner is down from the Geoffrey Douglas ‘Good Pair’.
The term ‘Super Pair’ or ‘Super Couple’ is often over used, however no one can argue with the results of the fantastic breeding couple that Geoffrey Douglas of Lurgan, Northern Ireland, refers to simply as his ‘Good Pair’.
This couple are responsible for over 90 first prize winners into the fourth generation not only for Geoffrey but the majority of fanciers that have been fortunate enough to obtain some of this bloodline.
Here are some results of Children and Grand Children from one year only…2008..the same year that Geoffreys friend M McPhillips won 1st Open NIPA against over 28,000 birds with a grandchild of the ‘Good Pair’.
1st sect,7th open 2272birds
1st sect,2nd open n.i.p.a.O.B.Derby winning £827,955 mem sent 7832 birds
1st Northern Ireland Channel Fed. same race
2nd sect,10th open  n.i.p.a.28928 birds
3rd sect,5th open n.i.p.a.3546birds
3rd sect,19th open n.i.p.a.1247 birds
3rd sect,48th open n.i.p.a. 2625 birds
4th sect,5th open n.i.p.a. yearling hen nat. 967 birds
5th sect,27th open n.i.p.a  3600 birds
6th sect,81st open n.i.p.a. national winning £245, 9142 birds
6th sect,62nd open n.i.p.a. 16880 birds
6th sect,11th open n.i.p.a. national 3893 birds
7th sect,9th open n.i.p.a. national 3546 birds
7th sect,20th open n.i.p.a. 3824 birds
7th sect,64th open n.i.p.a. 7131 birds
8th sect,15th open n.i.p.a.13659 birds
Similar results were achieved in the years before and indeed have done every year since including Geoffreys ‘Foxy Jack’ winning 1st Open NIPA Young Bird National Rosscarbery in 2009!
Here is a message from Geoffrey two weeks ago:-
Here are the details of another one from the pair.
Kemp & McBride  1st open N.I.P.A  Fermoy 1127 members sent 28,178 birds,1st Section D 133 members sent 3707 birds.Breeding sire;daughter of good pair i.e. 01D50349 x 01D50377 when paired to my no.2 cock 01D50373.
Same fanciers won 1st Section D 123 members sent 2951 birds,99th open N.I.P.A 1100 members sent 25,264 birds.Breeding direct off a daughter of the good pair when paired to their own Jansen cock.
Regards to all
Here is another message from the week after:-
I had a telephone call from George Lawerence today to say he had a phone call from a Jones and Thomas partnership of Prenton H.P.S. to say they had won their club and topped the  North Wirral Fed with a bird from a son of my good pair when paired to a daughter of his Box 19 cock (bred by you I think).He bought 2 ybs that George had put up in a charity sale.George will send me the Fed sheet in due course and I will send it to you.Took the first six in the club yesterday from Fermoy 172 miles and could top the section ,winner  from a daughter of good pair X son of Golden Gaby George lent me originally from you.
The bloodline of Geoffreys ‘Good Pair’ is the old original Zoontjens of Riel, Holland that has produced an unimaginable amount of top class racers and breeders for many of Europe’s elite for many years.
The cock of the pair is from our own fantastic breeder ‘Favorite Son’ that was bred by Joop Koch of Eindhoven from his ‘Blauwe Favorite’ winner of 1st National Ace Sprint and 2nd National Ace Middle Distance in the same year and he is a son of the ‘Lichte Orleans’ x ’04’ from Ankie a sister of ‘President’ paired to a different sister of ‘President’.
The ‘President’ won 1st Dutch National Ace Sprint in 1995 after winning the Combine against 26,000..28,000…32,000 & 38,000 birds…IN THE SAME YEAR!! before he was purchased by Mike Ganus.
Joop Koch is a family relation of Wal Zoontjen so has his best birds. The ‘Lichte Orleans’ was bred from a ‘Conimix’ pigeon from the Van Boxmeer family of St.Oedenrode. The late Johan Van Boxmeer was a ‘bosom buddy’ of Wal Zoontjens father Jan and they traded many birds all through their pigeon careers.
It was also from the Van Boxmeer family that the H & O partnership obtained their base breeders that shot them to the very top of the Pigeon Sport with such birds as  ‘Super Crack 699’ ~ ‘Micky’ ~ ‘Rocky’ and they founded the colonies of Harm Vredeveld, Braade-De Joode, Martin Van Zon and many other famous fanciers.
The hen of Geoffreys ‘Good Pair’ is from a son of ‘Chateauroux’ bred and raced by Wal Zoontjens to win 1st National NPO Chateauroux against 7238 birds and he is a son of the famed ‘Conimix King’, a cock gifted back to Wal Zoontjens as an egg from the Van Boxmeer family.
It is from all of these original Zoontjens bloodlines that Geoffreys ‘Good Pair’ originate so as you can see they are from generation after generation of  Top Racers , National Aces and Olympiade Champions!!

This is the ‘Millenium’ a 1st Dutch National Ace Middle Distance Ace Pigeon that also became a top class breeder.
The cock of Geoffreys ‘Good Pair’ is bred from our brilliant cock ‘Favorite Son’ when coupled to daughter of ‘Millenium’ when he was paired to a daughter of the famous H&O Champion ‘Super Crack Olympiade 699’

‘Super Crack Olympiade 699’ bred and raced by H&O.
Winner of 1st All Round Olympiade Ace and 1st Middle Distance Olympiade Ace at the Utrecht Olympiade in 1995.
No other bird in history has done this before!!
He was also 1st Long Distance National Ace Yearling..’Vredesduif’ 1994.