This magnificent cock is Admiraal a son of Wittenbuik and Moriska that won 4th Provincial Chateauroux for Gaby  Vandenabeele against more than 7000 birds. He bred very well in our loft before his transfer to China…


These are a few pages of some old catalogues that we produced and they reminded me of some really great pigeons we owned over the years from the Kleinen bloodline of Gaby Vandenabeele.

It was in 1988 that this collection started and grew to include many future Superstars.  Over the years we owned 8 direct  from Kleinen…12 from Picanol…22 from Wittenbuik …8 from Bliksem…6 from Sissi..and many others from Favoriet,Ronker,Kadet,Fideel and so on.

Some of the more memorable ones are Blue Spirit a hen that had tremendous breeding results in Belgium,Holland and the U.K….Blue Diamond that again bred fantastically well at our loft before being sold to Taiwan. In fact the excellent Myrtle Lofts owned by Mark and Dick Evans had many real top breeders bred by ourselves direct from Blue Diamond paired to  the Favorite Hen with probably the best one being ‘Wittenbuik 360’ that we bred in 2001. He is responsible for top class winners up to the present day. They also bought Golden Gaby from our auction in Blackpool and continued to have many successes with his offspring.

The Admiraal B97-3157001 a son of Wittenbuik and Moriska was another great breeder for us before being sold to the Far East. In fact most of our original breeders ended up there due to Gaby’s growing reputation in that corner of the world.

Probably the best we had was Achilles , a son of Picanol , Gaby’s first Ace pigeon from Kleinen. Achilles was the sire of amongst others Galileo, one of the best breeders of his generation and was the cock of our Young Couple. Fortunately we retained the best and the youngest children of this pair for our own breeding loft before Galileo died.