Mr Dudley Lever of the Lever Syndicate holding his exceptionally beautiful young hen GB17R12918 winner of 1st Ace Pigeon in the MNFC One Loft Race in 2017.


The Midlands National Flying Club One Loft Race offered an ACE PIGEON AWARD for the pigeon with the best average over the three Hot Spot Races and the Final Race in its 2017 series. This was won by a most exceptional quality young blue checker hen GB17R12918 with a lead of almost 70 yards per minute! She also won 3rd prize in the final race.

This hen was entered by the Lever Syndicate of Hampshire and they bred her from a cock of Hebberecht bloodlines paired to a hen that they purchased at our Doncaster Auction last year. As a matter of interest this was the same auction that the ‘Mums The Word’ Syndicate purchased the father of their RPRA Ace Pigeon Award and Car winner 2017. We ourselves also won the Golden Algarve One Loft Race Ace Pigeon Award and Car Winner a few weeks later!

The mother of the Lever Syndicate’s winner was bred from our top breeding cock KLEINE ROGER bred by Wijnands of Maastricht coupled with KUIJPERS 391 a direct Kuijpers Brothers, Neer hen from their legendary Barcelona 1,2 & 3 Brothers and Beatrix lines.  ‘Hippy Chick’ a full sister to the mother of Lever Brothers winner also won 75th International in the final of the last South Africa Million Dollar Race , a very tough contest.  KLEINE ROGER is also sire of Nick Adsheads good cock winner as a yearling in back to back races 213th Open NFC Fourgeres 8,579 birds, 87th Open NFC Messac 6,997 birds , 739th NFC Ancensis 5,577 birds , 33rd Open NFC Saintes 555 miles 3,726 birds.

We must offer our very best congratulations to The Lever Syndicate on this fine performance.


Dam of the Lever Syndicate’s 1st Ace Award Winner in the MNFC One Loft Race 2017 . She is also a full sister to our 75th International in the final of the 2016/17 South Africa Million Dollar Race.