Solomon eye shot…

As most fanciers that follow our bloodlines already know, we do not follow the fashion birds, but select very carefully new and original bloodlines that fit in with our own originals such as Drum or Young Couple and we select mainly on performance and type to continually move forward with our own new generation every season.

Some of the bloodlines we are breeding with have been in our lofts for over twenty five years and continue to win at the very top of Classic and National racing today.Evidence of this can be read most weeks in the Pigeon Sport magazines reporting on these top races.

We are only interested in the performances of our New Generation breeders and we have to build and enhance the past , together with the new to achieve these goals.

We have to search very hard every year to bring in the quality and type needed, and such birds are hard to find and expensive to purchase, however we have to keep moving onward and upwards.

One such example of our New Generation breeders is ‘Solomon’ NL19-1244753 bred by the Maestro Gerard Koopman from his own New Generation of his very best winners.

Father of ‘Solomon’ is ‘Jerson’ ….

‘JERSON’ winner of:
*Olympiad Duif
(Cat Fond) Sloveakia
*1st Ace Duif
Afd.10 Overall 2012
*2nd NPO Orleans 3480 b
*6th NPO Pithiviers 6452 b
*15th NPO Troyes 8079 b
*28th NPO Pithiviers 7749 b
*56th NPO Orleans 4374 b
*86th NPO Troyes 4087 b
*9th Boxtel 9392 b
*10th Boxtel 10,698 b
*11th Quievrain 6223 b
‘JERSON’ is Sire of:
*13-044 (5th Prov. 7893 b)
*14-907 (8th Prov11,936 b)
‘JERSON’ is G.Sire of:
*14-301(5th NPO Nanteuil 3924b)
*13-596 “Malika” ( Ruud Bakker)
1st NPO Blois 6631 b
3rd NPO Bourges 5177 b
*“Leandro” (top racer in the
Million Dollar Race)

Mother is ‘Miss Marakot’…

   Miss Marakot                                                                                       *1st Provincial Ravenstein 11.509 b


As you can see in the pedigree their bloodline is real ‘Blue Blooded’ with the original ‘Kleine Dirk’ genes everywhere and the Legendary ‘Drum’ lines also on both sides of the breeding.

‘Solomon’ is a type and quality we need and we are looking forward greatly to coupling him with some quite extraordinary hens like daughters of Drum and Gerrie…Dutch Master…Genie…in the new season.