We translated and published the Duif Chronicles Online article reporting the success of Michel Lossignol of   Zoutleeuw,Belgium winning the Gouden Duif Award for Belgium in 202.

Reading the bloodline and breeding results of their basic breeder ‘Olympic 442’ bred by Willem de Bruijn and purchased as a youngster by Michel Lossignol made us determined to obtain direct youngsters from this super cock. Because of the age of ‘Olypic 442’ Michel Lossignol was reluctant to let any direct children go , however we waited until Michel had satisfied himself that the cock was fertile in 2021 and then he kindly let us obtain two children from him when he was coupled to a super breeding hen he also owns from the same origin.

The National Ace Awards for Belgium KBDB have recently been published and our confidence in the breeding ability of this cock has once more taken a boost when we read of a yearling daughter of ‘Olympic 442’ when coupled with yet another mate breeding  BE21-6222507 Michelle bred and raced by Oliver Geyskens, Veerle-Heide, Antwerp winning 2nd National Asduif Allround jonge KBDB 2021 with some really super performances of:

*2nd Sermaises 793 b. (1-272 b).

*13th Soissons 1217 b,

*32nd Momignies 2051 b.

*35th National Bourges II 18.710 b. (2-730 b)

*39th National Argenton II 23.124 b. (2-711 b)

*20th Sermaises 2696 b. (9-554 b)

So the Olympic 442 improves his already CV and a brief summary is :

Sire of:
BE19-451 “Aurelie” :
*10th National Argenton 26,085 b
*47th National Gueret 12,888 b

BE 15-709 “Nationalaatje”:
*13th National Argenton 4,582 b
*66th National Montlucon 10,753 b
*155 National Bourges 10,173 b

BE 15-717:
*6th National Argenton 4,393 b
*21st National Bourges 10,173 b

BE 17-991:
*2nd Chevrainvilliers 3,103 b
*2nd Momignies 445 b

BE 20-285:
*1st Momignies 905 b
*2nd Momignies 636 b

Olympic 442 is Grandsire of:

B21-6222507 Michelle
(Raced at Oliver Geyskens)
*2nd Nat.Asduif Allround jonge KBDB 2021
*2nd Sermaises 793 b. (1-272 b)
*13th Soissons 1217 b.
*32nd Momignies 2051 b.
*35th National Bourges II 18.710 b. (2-730 b)
*39th National Argenton II 23.124 b. (2-711 b)
*20th Sermaises 2696 b. (9-554 b)

BE 18-524:
*1st National Chateauroux 24,611 b
( raced at Bruninx Roger )

BE 17-961 “Den As”:
*1st Ace bird vitesse VSOB 2019
*1st Soissons 1,336 b
*1st Momignies 1,017 b
*1st Soissons 998 b
*1st Momignies 221 b
*1st Melun 180 b
*1st Soissons 168 b
*1st Momignies 168 b
*1st Soissons 135 b

BE 18-124 “Zoon Olympic Geert”
*7th National Asduif Midfond old KBDB 2020
*8th Olympiad bird Cat.A Olympic Hope
*1st Chevrainvilliers 770 b
*1st Soissons 324 b
*1st Chevrainvilliers 170 b
*2nd Sermaises 761 b
*2nd Etampes 169 b
*3rd Sermaises 657 b
*4th Sermaises 4,858 b
*5th Sermaises 626 b
*5th Chevrainvilliers 294 b

BE 19-429:
*122nd National Issoudun 18,176 b
*150th National La Souterraine 15,939 b