This photo is of GB03C53777 ‘Lucky 7’s a direct son of The Young Couple that was purchased by Bob French of French Connection Lofts of Arizona at our Blackpool aution in January 2004. He has bred many winners for the French family including the equal first prize winner in the 2005 Las Vegas Classic Race.

We were very pleased to win the Hall of Fame Trophy Race in South Carolina from the 350 mile race point, with GB11L36067.

The Trophy Race winner is off GB08L24724  son of “Galileo” with “Agent Starling” ( The Young Couple). The Mother is GFL 2010-877. Her father is”Rocket Man”   NL08-3851618 the 2nd National Ruffec winner that Mike bought from Van Gastel~!!  when he was mated to “Triple 7”  GFL2009-777 the 2nd average speed winner in Las Vegas~ Also Mother to “Laughing Jewel” Mikes bird that was 4th – 4th – 4th in the Million Dollar training races~!! So the Blood is Very Good~!!

The Young Couple bloodline prove their worth in top competition anywhere in the world once again.