Next Saturday in The Doncaster Old Comrades Show we will have two lots featuring three direct children of the Top Breeding Cock…War Drum for sale by auction.

Here are a few more details. The auctioneer is Mr Stuart Wilcox and his number is 07468 620661 if you require a commission bid.


Lot 17 Blue Checker Cock GB18F28488     DIRECT from WAR DRUM and SUNDAY GIRL!


This young cock has two nest flights to go and is maturing into a really nice specimen. As you can see, he is the image of his other famous ancestor ‘Harry’ of Jan Hooymans.


Lot 48                Blue Checker Pied  Hen GB18F28343                                                                              Lot 48a In Bis Blue Checker Pied Cock  GB18F28424 

TWO DIRECT from WAR DRUM The winning buyer takes his pick of the two lots on offer. The other one comes back to our own loft. And they are the right colour.

Quite simply WHAT a bloodline!

Lot 48

Lot 48 Another view…


Lot 48 A
We have this one down as a cock but its now looking more a hen.

Lot 48 A Another view…

Pedigree for Lot 48 and it will obviously be the same breeding for Lot 48 A…