Tim Atkin from Rugby is having an outstanding season in Section I of the NFC in 2022, having won 2 x 1st and 2nd & 7th Section in three National Races this season.

Tim is a super competitive fancier and a fearless buyer when only the very best available will do. Proving top winning genes paired to more top winning genes inevitably breeds more winners.

On 21st May from Guernsey 1 Tim was 1st Section and 95th Open against 6599 birds with one from a really super breeding pair he owns being a son of Propere 10 x Stardust paired to a hen bred by Rik Hermans from Propere 09 ( full brother of Propere Rik) x Minerva Rik’s top racing and breeding hen.

On 6th June Tim was 2nd and 7th Section , 167th & 246th Open Guernsey 2 against 5419 birds with his first bird being bred from a son of Rik Hermans world famous ‘Friendship’ when coupled to a daughter of ‘War Drum’ x ‘Foxy Lady’ and his second bird being bred from the good Propere 10 cock x Minerva hen.

On 2nd July from St Philbert Du Peuple Tim clocked yet another one from his Propere 10  cock and Minerva Hen to win 1st Section , 70th Open against 4069 birds with another three birds clocked in the Section top 10.

This pair also bred 1st Section I in the 2020 Fourgeres NFC Race against 580 birds , 95th Open against 9,976 birds, so they have now bred 3 x 1st Section, 1 x 2nd Section NFC and 10 x 1st Federation Winners. Quite outstanding by any standards.   Many congratulations indeed.

‘Propere 10’ one of our very best breeders and has an incredible success rate with various hens. One of them is Stardust the dam of Tim Atkins good ‘Propere 10 Cock’ sire of 3 x 1st Section , 1 x 2nd Section NFC and 10 x 1st Federation winners.

‘Stardust’ our brilliant breeding daughter of Di Caprio’. Not only has she bred Tim’s good ‘Propere 10 Cock’ when paired to ‘Propere 10’ but…                                                                                                                                          A son of Hero (Son Friendship) x Stardust when paired to a daughter of Amulet for Dean Cartmell bred      1st MNFC YB National Vire 2019 4440 birds. She was also a previous three times winner.                                    A son Max with Stardust bred for Wentworth Lofts 1st RPRA Hot Spot 4 Winner in 2019 against 646 birds  A daughter of Max x Stardust bred the famous ‘Alans Pride’ for Scott Whitehouse responsible for more than 60 x 1st prize winners in the very competitive West Midlands.                                                                                      Hannibal x Stardust bred ‘Amulet’ grandsire of for Paul Weems…                                                                                 ‘Chunky’s Pride’ 1st BBC YB National 2019 Fougeres                                                                                                       10th Open CSCFC YB Classic  Guernsey 2019
‘Chunkys Gold’ 1st Watchfield Gold Ring Race (Via Shaun Stockley)
1st WOESRC Bedhampton 1563 b                                                                                                                                          ‘Amulet’ is grandsire to 1st RPRA One Loft Race Final 2020 winning £25,000 for Chapelford Lofts.                ‘Amulet’ for the Paul Smith Syndicate (Via Hibbert Brothers) is grandsire of 33rd Final Race SAMDPR
2019 against 2,531 birds