We retained these two September 2020 hatched late breds for our own breeding loft as we could not be sure that Max would be fertile this year at 10 years old. But both Max and his nest brother Brave have proven to be fertile this year so we will sell these two.

For Heremans Ceusters fans, as you can see these are as close to the originals as it is possible to breed right now. Both Max and Brave are well known proven breeders from the world renowned New Dream Pair (Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogske).

Both late breds are top quality in the hand and will get better as they mature. Both have ten nest flights.

The cock GB20V56621 is a little over medium size and extremely muscular with white eyes.

The hen GB20V56653 is a nice medium size with brown/orange eyes and is maturing really well and is growing into a top class specimen.

The price is £1000 each.  Please phone Peter on 01248 355183 or email [email protected] if of interest.

GB20V56621 Max x Juliet

Pedigree GB20V56621


GB20V56653 Max x Stardust

GB20V56653 pedigree