These are two direct children of Propere Rik and Foxy Lady…A very good pair indeed.

PROPERE RIK one of our current principle breeders sire of:

*GB17Z39407 2x 1st & 1 x 2nd (Price Brothers & Son)

*Sire of Father 12 x 1st clubs & 6 x 1st Fed’s ( Tim Atkin)

*Sire of ‘Propere Harry’ (Macaloney and Son) dam of:

1st Lanark Fed    5992 b

2nd Lanark Fed   5992 b

3rd Lanarks Fed    890 b

4th Lanarks Fed 2,347 b

5th Lanarks Fed 2,347 b

6th Lanarks Fed 2,356 b

PROPERE RIK is Grandsire of:

*49th Final Race SAMDPR  2,531 birds (Paul Smith Syndicate)

*1st Section E,2nd Open NFC Messac 4800 birds.( Mr A Stoner and Sons)

*1st Chester 2B C.C. 2016 (Phil Bates and Sons)

*1st Provincial Ace Y.B. against 1900 members

5th Dutch National Ace Y.B. 2017 (Peter Theunis)


*1st North Section Welsh SE National Maidstone Young Birds (Phil Bates and Sons)

*1st West Section B.I.C.C Guernsey 2 Any Age Race  Joe Raeburns (Via Hibbert Bros)

* HANDSOME HARRY’ (P Bates& Son)

*2nd North East Wales and West Wirral Fed 2nd Flint Gold Ring race West Bay

*1st Wrexham Fed Messac 378 birds

*1st Wrexham Fed Fougeres 463 birds

*’STEVIE WONDER’ (Howard Jackson)

*Sire of 12 x 1st Club in two years.

*‘LONE SURVIVOR’ ( Team Ede)

1st Uk, 5th Int.Hot Spot Car Averages 1872 birds

46th open in the final 1548 birds and $20,000 US in total SAMDPR

*1st Section B NFC Countances (Team Ede)

*1st Midlands Chanel Amal Truro 1042 birds (Boulton and Harvey)

*JPN 17KA37826 (Hiroshi Ideura)

*1st Hiroshima Int.One Loft Race Kyoto 1,094 birds

*1st and 2nd Warwickshire Federation Bath 1842 birds (Tim Atkin)

*1st Exeter  664 entries (Gary Inkley)

*1st B.I.C.C. Young Bird National Race Falaise 1349 birds

*1st Overall 2423 birds from granddaughter Propere Rik (Michael Moody)

FOXY LADY a Champion racer and an even better breeder!

*1st Section 897b, 2nd Open MNFC Countances 8,984b

*1st Section 745b, 2nd Open MNFC Ancensis 5,612b

*1st Section 1,125b,3rd Open MNFC Fourgeres 8,359b.

Both birds are early bred and through the moult and will pair up straight away. 

The hen is Lot 8 in the first part of our online auction starting 26th November and Lot 40 will be in the second part starting 3rd December.

This will be a rare chance to buy direct children from Foxy Lady as she is seven years old next season and we must fulfil our outstanding orders first and then pair her to several cocks over two years to retain as many half brothers and Half sisters as we can for our own breeding loft.

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Pedigree of Lots 8 & 40  Propere Rik x Foxy Lady