*The golden bloodline of Drum continues to produce top winning descendants at all levels of competition in the UK and abroad. Although Drum is no more and his direct children are now in their twilight years we feel very fortunate to have planned ahead and retained plenty of his line in our breeding lofts. Fashionable breeds come and go and are very easily obtainable, but serious fanciers and students of our great hobby know the true art to breeding top winners year after year, is to maintain and improve the winning line through carefully thought through crosses. The Drum line is better now if that’s possible and certainly wins more today than ever, almost twenty years later!   


I had a nice message yesterday from Phil Silvester (Costa Del Lofts) winning 2nd prize in yesterday’s RPRA One Loft Race Hot Spot 2. His winner was bred from a son of Max x Ninty a daughter of Genie (Daughter Drum x Gerrie) with a daughter of our Portugal pair ..Pharoah son Johannesburg (Son Drum x Doran) x Femke of Rik Hermans.

Phil is getting good at the RPRA race having won the Ace Bird and winning a new car in 2017 with one bred from a son of Miss Amigo who was also a daughter of Genie(Drum x Gerrie)

Great news Phil…



This morning we had another great winning report from John Davies (Bagillt Lofts) winning the tough Hot Spot 5 race in the Kalamanchi One Loft Race in Bulgaria.

The winner was bred from Mad Max Junior bred by Steve and Chez Young with a fantastically bred hen from Dirk Leekens. Bagillt Lofts purchased the parents of Mad Max Jr (Mad Max x Furiosa) and they have become a foundation breeding couple for them. Mad Max Jr once again has Drum x Poppy and Drum x Joy in his pedigree.

John Davies who together with Richard Millington in the Team Bagillt won 1st Prize in the Thailand Grand One Loft Kings Cup Final in 2016 with Blue hen GB16Z52156that was well fancied and carried pools and noms on her into the final to win over 30,000 Euro also winning the Ace Bird award. Her mother was bred from Dali a full brother of Drum.