Last Saturday saw the National NPO race take place from Sens a distance of 440 km to Nieuwendijk.

First bird home for 1st Club against 286 birds and 44th National NPO against 19,395 birds was NL09-1326327 a super consistant bird that has scored many times in the last three seasons. He was also the winner of 8th National NPO Orleans against 19,455 birds as a young bird..he is bred from GFL-1325 ( Son Golden Mattens x Solid Gold ) x 07-1955785 daughter Wizard x GB 635 (Daughter Drum x Gerrie).

Second bird home for 3rd Club and 96th National NPO was NL08-3857218 another multi performance cock and a son of Outlaw.He was a winner as a young bird of 1st Sezanne 1296 birds ,9th National NPO 18893 birds, and twice a 1st prize winner from Creil as a yearling. Last season he won 4th Morlincourt against 414 birds and 2nd Creil against 286 birds then was injured. He is bred from Outlaw (Son of Figo of Reynaert) x Kirsty (Dtr Drum x Gerrie).