Featured image is a montage of three direct children of Leo Heremans famous Safier Couple ….

Last Sunday S and S Whittle of Bristol are Provisional 4th Open NFC Sennen Cove 5700 birds bred from a daughter of ANNABELLE.

A week ago Chris Templar of Bristol wins Provisional 1st Open BICC Truro National against 5479 birds with a daughter of his exceptional breeding daughter of ALONSO…

Three weeks ago R and S Harris of Liverpool win 1st North West Combine from Frome against 6104 birds with one from a daughter of IVY…

Up to date  winners in top competition from the world renowned  Safier Couple of Leo Heremans…



We have two quality youngsters available for sale right now…The parents are knocking on a bit and although they are 100% fertile at the moment it is only a matter of time before we can not breed so close to the original generation.

If of interest please phone me on 01248 355183 or email to [email protected]

Lot 1:  Blue Hen (Not guaranteed)  GB21V38376  Price £750. SOLD

You will also notice that the dam of this bird is Manon a really top breeding hen for us and many others. She was bred by Johan Donckers  from his Basic Cock ‘OUDE ASDUIF’. Last Sunday Joahan Donckers  won 1st Chateauroux National Yearlings 24,628 birds, 2nd Overall Old Birds and Yearlings 46,824 birds down once again from this incredible racer and breeder.   Doubtful if you can buy closer to the current up to date winners of Leo Heremans or Heremans Ceusters origin.


GB21V38376 eye shot

GB21V38376 pedigree

Alonso sire of GB21V38376

Manon Dam of GB21V38376


Lot 2. Blue Hen GB21V38480 Price £1000  SOLD

Check out the breeding of this young hen. The entire Pigeon Sport World has seen the results and influence of the original Heremans Ceusters bloodlines at the very highest level…in every country that the modern Pigeon Sport is practiced.

We have also had many golden moments with the famous basic lines and wish to refresh and enhance the originals.  In our view the very best of this bloodline is owned by Willem de Bruijn, Reeuwijk, NL and Luc and Hilde Sioen , Moorslede BE. These two lofts are arguably the best in the Netherlands and Belgium at the moment and we have cherry picked some individual specimens from only the very best breeders they own.

Last year very late we coupled BLUE SPIDER a direct son of the amazing SPIDEY of Luc and Hilde Sioen considered the best breeding cock in Belgium at the moment to MURPHY’S DIAMOND a direct daughter of Willem de Bruijn’s MURPHY’S LAW the most sought after (and expensive) blood in The Netherlands at the moment when he was coupled with the amazing OLYMPIC HURRICANE.  All of these birds are based on the original Heremans Ceusters Champions and have without any doubt been improved by highly competitive race over the last 15 years to achieve even higher performance.

We wanted to incorporate the old Di Caprio lines with the new Spidey and Murphy’s Law lines in one pairing  and bred a perfect small round bodied muscular hen that was ideal to pair to Amadeus. It was also the objective to get the size of the originals down to a more smaller racy type that is currently winning.

GB21V38480 A new Age Leo Heremans pigeon. The old and the new. Past present and future.

GB21V38480. Obviously still developing but is like the mothers eye…a dark wine colour.

GB21V38480 pedigree

Amadeus sire of GB21V38480

Spinneke 650 a muscular small to medium sized hen that oozes class. Mother of GB21V38480