Yesterday was the National NPO race from Creil  with 11,056 birds competing.  We had a very good race taking prizes 12th,16th and 17th.

The winner of 1st open was Jan Hoeke a club mate in Nieuwendijk and friend of Hans Colijn. Last year Hans gave Jan a gift of NL11-1866921 and this was the National NPO winner yesterday.  Our own 17th NPO winner is also from the same pair!!.

They are bred from ‘Jackpot’ (07-1955760) a fantastic breeding cock and direct son of our great ‘Kannibaal King’ the son of the ‘Young Couple’ when he was paired to a daughter of ‘Jonge Superchamp’ from ‘Super Champ Orlando’ of Verbree. The dam of the NPO winner is from the ‘Super 8’ bloodline that is the original Ganus / Van der Weijst bloodline through ‘Joep’,’Mattens’,’Sissi’, ‘Wounded Knee’ etc.

The winner of 12th NPO is a son of ‘Super 8’ and 16th NPO is from a son of ‘Super 8’ coupled with  the super two year old hen NL10-3056738 winner of 2nd Creil against 1535 birds a few weeks ago also taking 3rd Union de Baronie 6429 birds and 25th Brabant 2000 against 27,056 birds. She was 14th National NPO Orleans old birds last year against 6796 birds and 2nd club,4th Combine Pommeroeul against 6401 birds and 1st Club Sens 304 birds, 31st Combine 4809 birds as a young bird. She is bred from our top breeder ‘Hannibal’ a son of ‘Kannibaal’ of Dirk Van Dyke paired to the ‘Genie’ hen (Drum x Gerrie).

We will post more information about the ‘Super 8’ bloodline very soon.

We must also congratulate Mr.Nesbitt and Son from Rugeley on their great performance winning 1st Midlands Continental Classic race from Messac with the same pigeon that was 12th MCC Fourges two weeks ago. The winner was bred by their friend Steve Price of Stourport  from a daughter of ‘Theodore’ (Drum x Gerrie) paired to ‘Lucky Charm’ (Daughter Young Couple).