The Jaarling Dondersteen x Janssen Hen bloodline not only wins well for Rik but for many others also.

Last Saturday the NPO National Race from Montlucon took place against 5,143 birds. It was won by Gert-Jan Timmermans from Geffen with a yearling blue hen NL14-3446041 a previous winner of 2nd Provincial Asduif Zuiderkempen last year as a young bird.

The Father of the 1st NPO Winner is Belg13-6308246 ‘Zoon Beautifly” bred by Rik and Jan Hermans from “Propere Frans”  (Propere a grandson Jaarling Dondersteen x Janssen Hen x Francien daughter Zoon Fieneke 5000 x dtr Jaarling Dondersteen x Janssen Hen).  “Propere Frans is a tp breeder in his own right and is also a full brother to the father of the Famous “Kanon” of Danny Van Dyke, Rik’s next door neighbour.

The mother of “Zoon Beautifly” is as the name suggests bred from the incredible “Beautifly” (Psycho a son of Witneus a son of Kannibaal x a sister to Fieneke 5000…the mother of Beautifly is “Gold Piece” a direct daughter of Jaarling Dondersteen x Janssen Hen).

Pedigree for Beautifly B08-6297245….

beautifly pedigree