*’Foxy Lady’ a super race hen and even better breeder. She is the dam when paired to ‘Propere 10′ of Miles Foster,Son’s and Daughter’s’ ‘Blue Fox’ breeder of some great One Loft Race prize winners for them.

Further to my post yesterday, we had a few more very creditable performances reported from races over the last few days.

Miles Foster of Foster Sons and Daughter reported winning 1st in the RPRA One Loft Race Hot Spot 2 against 799 birds on Sunday with a full brother to their 9th Final Race and 5th Ace Pigeon in the 2019 RPRA One Loft Race.

The winner is from a quite exceptional breeding pair he owns . The cock of the pair is ‘The Blue Fox’  purchased from us as a baby being from Propere 10 x Foxy Lady and the hen comes through  Mark Evans Top Investment lines.

This pair also bred ‘Lady Bird’ winner of 3rd UK, 61st International Hot Spot Race Ace Pigeon last year .The nest mate of ‘Lady Bird’ is ‘Hawkley Blue’ and he was also in the prize money winning 239th open in the SAMDPR Final. They also had another three grandchildren of the pair in the money in a very tough final.

Another message came from Michael Moody reporting winning 2nd UK 9th Overall in the Golden Algarve Hot Spot 1 yesterday against 4,305 entries. His bird was bred from a son of ‘Propere Rik’ with ‘Claudia’ a magnificent breeding daughter of Drum last sadly died much too early.

This beautiful hen is Claudia , a very good breeding daughter of Drum.


Another report came in from Peter Theunis the top Dutch fancier reporting another star bred from ‘Sun’ his direct breeding daughter of ‘Propere Rik’ and ‘Athenas Best’, this time paired to ‘Dragon King’ his top breeder down from the famous ‘Rocket’ line of Rinus Van Gastel that was owned by Mike Ganus and includes our ‘War Drum’ ‘Foxy Girl’ and ‘Foxy Lady’ in his descendants.

His yearling hen ‘Propere Rocket’ won 7th NPO La Souterraine 2748 birds, 18th NPO Peronne 7161 birds and 28th NPO Niergnies 19,539 birds.