This is ‘War Drum’ a new recruit for our breeding loft and as can be seen from the montage his breeding performances at all levels from club to Federation to M.N.F.C. and Classic races in just four seasons is quite phenomenal.

We bred this cock late in 2011 and he was purchased at four weeks old by Steve Price of the well respected Price Brothers and Son partnership of Stourport, where he developed into a quite sensational breeder very quickly with at least 28 x 1st Club winners and 13 x 1st Federation winners and multiple Classic and National performers from 100 to almost 400 miles bred directly from him with four different hens in just four season! We were very fortunate indeed to be able to secure him back from Steve for our own breeding loft.

These results are just for one racing loft racing against an already very established team. The latest first Federation winner was just last Saturday when Steve clocked two nest mate 2016 cocks against a very unfavorable wind to take 1st and 2nd Worcester and District Federation against more than 3,500 birds !

This is typical of his direct offspring, not just winning the first prize but countless other top 10 Federation prizes in their racing career, however we must draw the line somewhere and only detail the first prize winning direct children, otherwise the montage would run to three or four pages long if we reported all prizes including the wins of his grandchildren from the handful of other fanciers that have obtained direct children of him !

‘War Drum’ is a medium sized cock with thick silky feathering, richly coloured eyes and is a fantastic handling pigeon with a strong muscular body. He has a super intelligent way about him in the loft and he can be quietly picked up at any time and as can be seen from the photo he clearly radiates health.

As for his origin , it can only be described as World Class. His nest sister is a breeder of multiple  big winners including last seasons Irish South Road Federations Skibbereen Classic winner against more than 4,500 birds. His father is ‘Granger’ our fantastic breeding son of ‘Rocket’ the World renowned cock now owned by Ganus Family Lofts a winner of 1st Dutch National Ace Old Bird WHZB 1999 and is a top breeder on a World Wide scale. ‘War Drum’s mother is ’03’ a direct daughter of our legendary ‘Drum’ and she herself has become a fantastic breeding hen for her new owners Cock Crow Lofts in Ireland.

So here is a cock that is only five years old with a superb breeding record that can only develop into one of our very best ever!


War Drum

Eye shot of 'War Drum'

Eye shot of ‘War Drum’

'War Drum' sitting his eggs when paired to 'Sunday Girl' a daughter of 'Harry' of Jan Hooymans for a pair of latebreds...

‘War Drum’ starting his body moult sitting his eggs when paired to ‘Sunday Girl’ a daughter of ‘Harry’ of Jan Hooymans for a pair of late breds…