I had a call from Steve Price of Price Brothers and Son of Stourport reporting another First Federation winner for a direct child of War Drum. Last Saturday the Heart of England Federation held a Portland race with 78 members competing with 952 entries.

Steve had four direct children of War Drum come together and all trap withing 4 seconds being 30 y.p.m ahead in his club. . They could not take the first four positions because of their two bird clocking rule, but they did take the first two in the Federation with a pair of nest mates .

Last season Steve raced two nest mate youngsters from the first round that won themselves 1st and 2nd Federation against over 3500 birds in the Worcester Fed, and last Saturday saw the nest mates from the second round take 1st and 2nd Federation in the Heart of England Fed. And he only bred two rounds! The Fed winner from last season would have recorded 3rd Fed last Saturday and the fourth arrival last Saturday that would have recorded  fourth Fed also won two times first Fed as a yearling!

Steve Price…Top Man…with Top birds = TOP RESULTS! 

War Drum has now bred 14 individual first Federation winners so far with 1,2,3rd,4th positions on occasions and many times in the top ten prizes etc…and that does not include the multiple classic /Gold Ring results….plus over 50 club winners for children and grandchildren and he is still a young cock. Quite simply a Good Looking, Super Handling cock who is a Champion Breeder with a Fantastic Pedigree and a Tremendous Future that promises to be up their with the greats.


War Drum Pedigree…Bred from the very best to breed the very best!!