‘Warrior’~ A Young New Talent In Our Breeding Loft!

January 30, 2019

This handsome young cock is GB17L42034 ‘Warrior’. We retained him immediately for our future breeding plans as he really does have everything that we are looking for…Apart from being a great looker his pedigree contains the very best we have had for the last 20 years…his handling qualities are fantastic being medium sized with strong muscles , and a tight one pin tail. As can be seen from the photo, his eyes are a really rich red and his feather quality is outstanding.

We are confident his youngsters will do well in the next few years…As he was a late bred in 2017 we did not pair him up until late spring in 2018 but his first few youngsters were quite exceptional…

The very best we can breed at the moment containing our top winning genes of the last 20 years…


2 comments on “‘Warrior’~ A Young New Talent In Our Breeding Loft!

  1. David Rothwell on said:

    There is no doubt WarDrum is one of the stand out breeders in Britain at the moment but the 700 hen has stuck in my mind since the first time I visited you peter she is the most perfect hen I have handled and with parents like them don’t think Warrior can fail as a breeder best of luck with him Peter

    • Your right there Dave. She is a real class act. At the moment she is breeding at Jan Hooymans, paired to New Harry. I do however have another really nice sister to her’Blue Chip’ breeding at my place.

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