Had a report from Jimmey Wearn of the top national fliers Wearn Brothers and Neilson Partnership from Ramsdean with details of their top performance in the CSCFC  and BBC Ilkeston Young Bird Race on 20th August 2022 against approx 1300 entries..

They won   2nd,4th,5th,6th,7th and 8th Section and Open in the CSCFC plus 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th and 6th, Section 16th ,17th,18th,19th,20th & 21st Open doubled  in the BBC.

We are very pleased indeed to have bred three of their first birds.

First bird for 2nd Section, 2nd Open CSCFC was GB22V51232 bred from BASIL…’The Racing Machine’ when paired to AMAZON a daughter of JOHANNESBURG a son of  DRUM x DORAN paired with MAXINE. This makes her a full sister to PHAROAH the cock of our super couple ‘THE PORTUGAL PAIR.

In the BBC this bird also won 1st Section 16th Open.

BASIL was not only a champion racer but his breeding performances are even better and in quick time.

The nest mate to this pigeon is GB22V51231 that is raced by Colijn, Ganus , Fox in our Dutch Loft. In the midweek race from Asse Zellik the same week as Wearn and Neilson’s great performance we won 1st Club against 473 entries. o open position is published for midweek racing but she was around 15th overall against just over 5,000 entries.

Second bird we bred for Wearn Brothers and Neilson to win 4th Section and 6th Open in the CSCFC  was GB22V51241 bred from NITRO our top Dirk Leekens breeder coupled with BULLDOZER LADY bred from GOLAN probably the best breeding cock from  our brillaint YOUNG COUPLE when he was coupled with ALICIA bred by G & S Verkerk fro0m the world renowned BULLDOZER.

In the BBC this bird also won 4th Section and 19th Open.


Third bird we bred for Wearn Brothers and Neilson to win 5th Section, 7th Open in the CSCFC  was GB22V51237 bred from RENEGADE a son of our old basic breeder OUTLAW x LADY KING a top racing daughter of THE YOUNG COUPLE paired with GOLD DUST WOMAN a daughter of GEELOOGER of Koen Minderhoud.

This bird also won 5th Section 20th Open in the BBC.


Top flying by any standards.


RENEGADE is a proven breeder at all levels, however GOLD DUST WOMAN is only five years old that was a latebred in 2017 purchased in the Golden Duif auction , Belgium in February 2018,so has had a limited breeding carrer of three seasons. She is creating a CV that is quite spectaular.

GOLD DUST WOMAN bred by Koen Minderhoud from his renowned Champion Geelooger…she is producing some top winning offspring from the start…a real Golden Breeding Hen!
Steve Price of Price Brothers and Son raced blue hen GB21V38263 bred from ZAPATA with GOLD DUST WOMAN. She won 79th Open against 4,034 birds and also 49 in the Yearling Classic Race from the MNFC Weymouth in May 2022. A great preparation for her next National Races.
Steve then sent her to Guernsey with the NFC 18th June 2022 and she won 1st Section J by around 25 ypm and 20th Open against 4,367 birds.
In the same NFC Guernsey race Garry Inkley won 34th Open with one bred from a son of GOLD DUST WOMAN this time paired with RENEGADE a son of OUTLAW x LADY KING a daughter of YOUNG COUPLE. Dam was a daughter of BASIL so Outlaw and Young Couple once again.
We must also mention Garry’s ‘PENSYLVANNIA 65000’ GB20N65000 and he won *1st Club Yeovil, 2nd Fed 2279 birds *2nd Club Guernsey, 15th Fed 1377 birds *2nd Club Weymouth *3rd Club Exeter *4th Club Yeovil This was in the Lambert club racing against 250 to 450 entries per race.
*40th Open NFC Guernsey (1) 2021 against 6,956 birds
*92nd Open BICC Guernsey (1) 2021 against 5,281 birds
*248th Open NFC Guernsey (2) 2021 against 5,853 birds
This season he was:
*26th Open BBC Guernsey against 2,156 birds
*39th Open NFC Guernsey (Provisional) 6,599 birds pooled all the way Section and Open.
Dam of ‘Pennsylvania 65000’ is from Renegade x Gold Dust Woman was paired to a son of Junior (Son Young Couple) x Rhiannon. They also bred Blue Hen GB20N6492820 winner of :
*1st Club Minstead *1st Club,8th Fed Honition *2nd Club, 3rd Fed Yeovil 2279 birds *3rd Club Honiton (8 together) *4th Club,14th Fed Truro *6th Club Exeter