The good form continues for Willem de Bruijn from Niergnies in the third young bird race of the season with his team performance of 120 prizes from 186 entries and winning 26 positions in the top 40 against 4100 birds in Samenspel Gouwe Ijssel including the four fastest birds of the entire Provincial liberation against 24,532 birds.

Pedigrees of the first four birds attached below.

His winner is a hen from Morgiana who has developed into one of his principle breeding hens after a top racing carrer where she won 3rd National Chateauroux in 2016 against 47,453 birds and 12th NPO Bourges against 13,431 birds.  From the Belgian National also last Saturday Rik Hermans won 1st /425 birds 38th National against 12,094 with a daughter of Morginia.  The great old original lines of Jacob,Fairytale, Zidane and Lowie.

NL23-9314694 1st Niergnies 4100 birds..1st overall 24.532 birds

NL23-9314847 2nd Niergnies 4100 birds..2nd overall 24.532 birds

NL23-9314888 3rd Niergnies 4100 birds..3rd overall 24.532 birds

NL23-9314790 4th Niergnies 4100 birds..4th overall 24.532 birds