Reeuwijk in the Netherlands is a real hotbed of pigeon sport competition not only in the club that boasts many top names but also wider in the Samenspel (Federation) and Provincial Rayon 5 South Holland that has seen some of the greatest fanciers in history compete.

This year in the three program races so far it has been brutal competition between G and S Verkerk , Combination Van Leeuwen and Willem de Bruijn with Gerard and Bas gaining the top headlines early in the season with some spectacular team performances.

Yesterday was the program race from Arras and Willem de Bruijn returns to the top with 1st,9th,10th,19th and 47 early prizes from his 95 entries against 4487 birds and winning 1st overall with his first bird NL21-1193617 against 12,906 birds. He also wins 20th prize Provincial against 35,313 birds. His winner is not only a very good previous winner but is also the sire of NL23-9314607 with some eye catching results last year as a youngbird.

A study of the pedigrees clearly illustrates the influence of De Herman a top racer and responsible for generations of winners.


De Herman



NL21-1193617 1st Arras 4487 birds…1st against 12,906 birds.


NL22-8459002 9th Arras 4487 birds


NL23-9314686 10th Arras  4487 birds.


NL23-9314791 19th Arras  4487 birds and a previous winner of 2nd Niergnies 12,721 birds…8th Niergnies 21,068 birds.