I have watched the progress and read the results of the Willem de Bruijn bloodlines for many years and have know Willem for very many years and it is my honest conclusion that he stands alone at the top of today’s Pigeon Sport.

Especially this last five or six years, his lifelong methods of buying rounds of youngsters from the best, racing them mercilessly and selecting only the very best to remain in his team has now produced a bloodline that is the very best around the world.

The level of high performance references  from the most successful Dutch and Belgian fanciers are detailed every year in his annual Duif auction with Jan and Rik Hermans and this year hardly a championship or important race was won without some of his bloodline included somewhere in its make up. National Winners, National Ace Winners ,Olympiade Ace Pigeons, Golden Duif Winners & National Champions of Holland, Belgium and Germany.

We have of course sought to strengthen our own breeding loft and subsequently our racing lofts of Colijn,Ganus,Fox in Nieuwendijk, Netherlands with only the very best available direct from Willem and some of the greatest racers of the moment with a concentration of these winning genes to cross with our already well known performance bloodlines like Drum, Young Couple, Rik Hermans very best lines and Foxy Lady.

Fanciers like Michel Lossingnol the Belgian Gouden Duif winner 2020 direct from his fabulous Olympic 442 foundation breeding cock bred by Willem de Bruijn and Luc and Hilde Sioen especially from their Spidey Cock also bred by Willem de Bruijn and considered the best breeder in Belgium National of the last twenty years.

These lines together with our directs from Willem especially the children of Murphy’s Law are without any doubt the very best the Pigeon Sport has to offer right now, and I mean ‘BAR NON’ and we of course have to have them.

Below are two late breds from 2021 that will go into our Dutch breeding loft of Colijn Ganus Fox. These are the same way bred as our early bird 50th in the Algarve Golden Race final 2021 against 4565 birds from an original entry of 6977 birds with a head wind and temperature of around 30 degrees  being from Yuri (Son of Uranus and the incredible racer breeder Olga) when coupled with our sublime hen Murphy’s Diamond (Murphy’s Law x Daughter Hurricane).  She was also the mother of our third pigeon in the Golden Algarve Race 2020 winning 170th in the final against over 3000 entries from an original entry of 5400 birds!

Murphy’s Law and Uranus


Rubello bred from Yuri x Murphy’s Diamond…

Diamante bred from Yuri x Murphy’s Diamond.

On a recent visit to Willem on a very hot day collecting direct children from Uranus and Murphy’s Law.  The daughter of Murphy’s Law (Now named Maggy Murphy) we purchased on this occasion had Tatjana as her dam and is therefore a full sister to Willem’s 1st Peronne,1st Overall 40,438 birds. We can only aim for the very best. Otherwise there is no point!