Yesterday was the first young bird race for the Samenspel Gouwe Ijssel in Afdeling 5 South Holland an area that is a traditional Hot Bed of the most competitive fanciers in the Dutch Pigeon Sport.

Willem de Bruijn has been amongst the very elite for many years and believes in his good friend and travelling companion Ad Schaerlaeckens theory of breed from everything in the loft, as many as possible and select only in the races by top performance.  Keep doing this for year after year and severley reduce the numbers by only retaining the very best at the end of the season and winners will eventually come from any pair in the loft.

Ad Schaerlaeckens and Willem de Bruijn legendry companions in the Pigeon Sport

On 15th July 2023, Willem emptied his loft of 190 youngsters for the first race to start this selection process  from Lennik around 150 km against 4050 entries and only a small fraction will survive the season.

Willems very attractive racing loft …

He scored 44 prizes in the top 100 positions and had almost 60% of his team in the prize list starting with:

1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,11th,12th,13th,14th,16th.17th,19th,20th,21st,22nd, 23rd,24th, 25th,27th,29th and so on…

We attach the pedigrees of his first four and you will see a common thread of some high performance individuals bred from generation after generation of multiple performance pigeons.

Willem created a furore last season with the offspring of Secratariat (Son Uranus) with Murphys Law and Olympic Janneke winning 2 x 1st Dutch National Ace young bird awards and this line continues to lead the charge again this season.

NL23-9314633       1st Lennik 4050 birds


NL23-9314848         2nd Lennik 4050 birds

NL23-9314868         3rd Lennik 4050 birds


NL23-9314706         4th Lennik 4050 birds