Williamson and Murphy of the Vauxhall H.S. flying in the North Liverpool Federation have a really promising young hen GB21Z34841. She was a September hatched late bred last year bred by S.Gildea and Son that was intended for Dave Burns stock loft however due to a mix up she ended up in Williamson and Murphy’s loft.  Dave being Dave said just keep her and race her!

7th May 2022 from Bath she won 1st Club 227 birds, 10th Fed 2087 birds.

14th May 2022 from Yeovil she won 1st Club 223 birds, 1st Fed 2050 birds.

28th May 2022 from Weymouth she won 2nd Club 210 birds, 16th Fed 1753 birds.

19th June from Exeter she won 2nd Club 164 birds, 17th Fed 1428 birds.

Not bad for a September hatched late bred.

She was bred from GB14V39993 a son of OUTLAW and RIBBON (Dtr.Young Couple) that has an incredible breeding record including S.Gildea and Sons winner of 1st Pirrie FC 187 birds, 1st North Liverpool Fed Yeovil 1072 birds when paired to John Goslings 1st Liverpool Amal Gold Ring winner and last year 1st Pirrie Club against 293 birds and 1st North Liverpool Fed from Monmouth against 1965 birds when paired to GB19V51931 therefore a full sister to Williamson and Murphy’s yearling hen..

Outlaw…one of our best ever breeders and a son of A and H Reynaert’s Figo.

‘Ribbon’ top breeding daughter of the Young Couple…

Dam is GB19V51931 a daughter of LITTLE DIRK (Son of Queen 1st Belgian National Ace Midfond KBDB) bred by Dirk Van Dyck paired to SEREN a direct daughter of DI CAPRIO with a daughter of Kannibaal also bred by Dirk Van Dyck.

Little Dirk bred by Dirk Van Dyck. A very rare direct child of his 1st KBDB National Ace Midfond winner. Little Dirk is also becoming a very talented breeder at al levels. Little Dirk is also sire of Blue Hen GB18F28532 dam of 1st North West Combine Frome 6194 birds for R and S Harris, Liverpool.

‘Seren’ paired to Little Dirk bred the dam of 1st N.L. Federations Monmouth winner against 1965 birds and 1st N.L. Federations Yeovil winner against 2050 birds. Seren is also dam of GB13A10633 the multiple Fed and 2nd UNC Folkestone over 12,000 birds for Richardson,Son & Young Bros. 

Many thanks to Dave Rothwell our chief reporter for the details.