We will have four auctions this Winter.

We will have 20 lots for sale at the Dublin Show of the Year on Saturday November 8th.  Auctioneer will be Mr Gerry McCourt.                    The lots on offer will include 10 Heremans Ceusters bloodlines that have proven to be an excellent cross for many fanciers world wide and the remaining 10 lots will be our principle well known lines.


We will offer 42 lots for auction at the Doncaster Old Comrades Show on Saturday 22nd November. Auctioneer will be Mr Stuart Wilcox. We will offer a great selection of our original bloodlines including maybe one of the last from our famous ‘Outlaw’ cock. He has missed three rounds of eggs in July and August with three different hens, so it looks like he has become infertile. Maybe next season we will be lucky with him however at the moment I think he is finished. We have decided to offer a two super quality sons of him this winter. One is in Doncaster when he was coupled with Rowen and the other will be in Blackpool when he was coupled to Lady King.

In Doncaster we will also include a fantastic son of ‘Proper Rik’ x ‘Sunday Girl’ (Daughter Harry) ~ a super quality daughter of ‘Bronco’ (son Cow Girl) x Little Star (Dtr Di Caprio) ~ a son of ‘Hannibal’ x ‘Cleopatra’ ~ a son of ‘Witpen Drum’ x ‘Daughter Beautifly’ (daughter of Beautifly of Rik Hermans) ~ a daughter of ‘Mario’ (Son Di Caprio) x ‘Simply Perfect (Drum x Agent Starling) ~ a nest pair of real top quality from Propere Rik x Daughter Hannibal and Genie ~ a nest pair from Granger (son Rocket ) x Lady Rocket (daughter Rocket) ~ a direct daughter of ‘Super 8’~ a daughter of ‘Blue Mike’ (son Mona Lisa of Ganus Family Lofts)…we will also include a unique very inbred hen in this sale from ‘Teofilo’ x ‘Genie’.  Stuart has also asked us to include a small number of our long distance bloodlines from ‘Waalre’ and the Cor de Heijde marathon lines that are probably the most sought after in the world at the moment…so we will include 4 or maybe 5 late breds.


We will offer 24 Lots at the Telford Show by auction on the 29th November. All of these lots will only be Heremans Ceusters blood. We normally cross these lines with our original lines however Stuart asked us at the start of the season to separate our breeders and re couple the Heremans Ceusters birds together and concentrate the top lines together to provide potential crossing material for other fanciers….so we have paired together direct children of the top Heremans Ceusters pairs like ‘Safier Koppel’ ~ ‘New Dream Pair’ ( Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoog) ~ ‘Di Caprio’ ~ ‘De Power’ ~ ‘De Jan’ ~ ‘Favorite Koppel’… we have selected the offspring very heavily to provide only the best not only in this auction of 24 birds but the ten that we have included in Dublin.


Finally we will offer approximately 48 lots in our Blackpool auction on the 17th January organised by De Duif and with Mr Stuart Wilcox as the man with the hammer.This sale will be something very special with some unique lots that are first time offered…for example a son of ‘Outlaw’ with ‘Lady King’ our multiple performing daughter of ‘The Young Couple’ ~ a son of ‘Junior’ (son Young Couple) x ‘Sunday Girl’ (Daughter Harry) ~ a nest pair the same way bred as our fantastic racer ‘Blue Baron’ ~ a pair of late breds directly from ‘Blue Baron’ with ‘Britney’ a winning daughter of ‘Chico’ (Hannibal x Genie) ~ a young cock from ‘Teofilo’ x ‘Genie’ that we are certain would found a loft of winners ~ direct from ‘Johannesburg’ …’Propere Rik’…’Bronco’…’Hannibal’…’Mario’…’Golan’  and maybe we will also include a direct from ‘Attila’…


Further information and detailed sales list will appear on our site and in the fancy press.


If further information is required please phone Peter on 01248 355 183 or drop us a line at info@syndicate Lofts.com


Yours in Sport,

Peter Fox