Arjan Beens the best long distance fancier of his generation and all round good guy decided to take a break from the sport for a while to spend more time with his young family. The Duif arranged his clearance auction in January and was without any doubt the highlight of the winter auctions with his multi performance marathon bloodlines transferred to all corners of the pigeon sport world.

The catalogue produced for this auction detailed the top results and breeding methods that made Arjan the long distance champion of the last decade. It also demonstrated how a talented fancier could keep things really simple by concentrating on racing and severe selection through racing to produce just fantastic results from one generation down to the next and the next.

For example Arjans great hen Rika (NL04-1418619) bred from the bloodline of his close friend Jelle Jellema would not only perform at the highest level by winning 1st National NPO Perigueux against 7,581 birds from over 600 miles ,67 th National Limoges 13,239 birds, 80th National NPO Brive 6,872 birds and 95thNational NPO Perigueux 6,303 birds but she would become one of the best breeding hens in Dutch long distance history.

Some examples of her direct children:

Snelle Jelle winner of:

*2nd Nat.Perpignan 5.608b ’12

Arjan pointing out the 'plus points' of Witpen 100...

Arjan pointing out the ‘plus points’ of Witpen 100…

*6th NU Orange 4.023b ’10
*23rd NPO Orange 2.058b ’12
*81st Nat.Orange 4.689b ’12
*81st NPO Aurillac 3.661b ’12
*204th NU Orange 8.457b ’11
He was also the Father of:
*22nd NPO Brive 2.897b
*141st Nat.Bergerac 10.327b
*70th Nat.Cahors 8.594b
*84th Nat.Narbonne
*217th Nat.Narbonne 6.650b
*160th Nat. Agen


Zuster Snelle Jelle winner of:

*83rd NPO Perigueux 5.801b

Olympic Miss Gijsje winner of:

*1st Olympiadeduif Marathon Nitra 2013
*6th NU Brive 18.246b
*7th Nat.Cahors 11.054b
*7th NU Montpellier 10.253b
*15th NU Brive 12.332b
*35th NU Aurillac 10.600b
*40th Nat.Albi 5.949b

Rood Meijse winner of:

*1st Nat.Brive 7.092b
*5th NPO Albi 2.471b
*14th Nat.Albi 5.949b

Nieuw Gijsje winner of:
*7th NPO Cahors 3.941b
*12th Nat.Cahors 8.895b

Marianne winner of:

*4th Nat.Brive 7.092b
*9th Nat.Cahors 10.399b
*14th Nat.Bergerac 10.327b
*25th NPO Brive 2.897b

Jan 111 winner of :

*6th Nat.Perigueux 8.523b

As a thank you to De Duif , Arjan presented a really magnificent young hen NL14-1489100 ‘Witpen 100’ to the Golden Duif Auction that was bred from his champion racer and breeder (and son of Rika) Snelle Jelle when coupled to Smart Lady a hen owned by John Aarts that won 1st Dutch National Asduif Marathon in 2011 with these results in just one year…7th National NPO Bordeaux against 3,855 birds, 14th National NPO Bergerac 4,939 birds and 14th National NPO Cahors 4,133 birds.  Arjan and John Aarts arranged this special pairing of two champions paired together before he sadly decided to stop with the sport.

Further details of Snelle Jelle and Smart Lady below.

We were very lucky to be able to buy Witpen 100 for our own breeding loft. She is a really strong bodied , silky feathered young hen with nice rich golden eyes that together with her fantastic bloodline will be a very suitable mate for our good breeding cock Waalre.

NL14-1489100 ~ Witpen 100...

NL14-1489100 ~ Witpen 100…



Pedigree Witpen 100Snelle Jelle

* 2nd NAT. PERPIGNAN ’12 5608 d.
Geklokt 2 h 17
* 6th NU Orange ’10 4023 d.
* 23rd NPO Orange ’12 2058 d.
81st Nat. 4689 d.
* 81st NPO Aurillac ’12 3661 d.
* 204th N.U. Orange ’11 8457 d.

“Zuster Snelle Jelle” (koop 175) wint 83rd NPO Perigueux 5.801 d.
“Snelle Jelle” is halfbroer “Olympic Miss Gijsje” “Marianne” “Jan III” “Rood Meisje” enz

“Snelle Jelle” is vader van :
“Irene” (koop 48) moeder 217th Nat. Narbonne 6650 d. (k. 49)
“Michelle” moeder “Talent”, 70th Nat. Cahors 8594 d (k. 50)
“Killer Queen” (koop 85) moeder kopvlieger Bourges (k. 86)
“Late Jelle” (koop 99) bewezen ZLU- vlieger
“Aphrodite” (koop 100) moeder is “Olympic Miss Gijsje”
“Jelle Jr.” (koop 108), 84th nat Narbonne, 160th nat Agen, Geklokt van Perigueux om 2h 25
“Brive Jelle” (koop 134), 22nd NPO Brive 2897 d… 141st Nat. Bergerac 10.327 d… 333rd Nat. Perpignan 6414 d. . Geklokt van Perigueux om 3 h 41
“Jelle 02” (koop 135), 320th Nat. Cahors 8594 d als jaarling
“Hades” (koop 151) 13-199 (koop 168)
“Miss 220 VOLT” 11-220(koop 169) sterk op Narbonne en Perpignan
“Poseidon” (koop 180), 13-685 (koop 181), 13-985 (koop 182), “Pootje” (koop 192)
“Icarus” (koop 197) “Mooie Jelle” (koop 200) + jonge duiven 2014

75th NPO Perigueux 6843 d. en 80th NPO Perigueux 6303 d.
G.V. : NL03-1708575 “The Man”
Direct Jellema uit “Air Force 1” x “885”
G.M. : NL03-1762065 “Miss Adidas”
Zuster “Mr. Spoorloos” (vader “Janine”)
Zoon van “De Adidas” (4x 1e prijs fond met 2x 1e St. Vincent bij Comb. Nijland) x “De 197”
MOEDER : NL04-1418619 “RIKA” (stamduif D)
1st NPO Perigueux 7581 d… 67th Nat. Limoges 13.239 d… 80th NPO Brive 6872 d. en 95th NPO Perigueux 6303 d.
Absolute stammoeder van Arjan Beens !
G.V. : NL02-2235019 “Power 019” (Jelle Jellema)
Uit “De Ploert” x “De Pot” (12th Nat. St. Vincent en 38th Nat. Ruffec)
G.M. : NL02-2234813 “Leontien” (Jelle Jellema)
Uit “De Professor” (12th Nat. Ruffec) x “Lois”