Had a very welcome phone call from Stuart Wilcox reporting some good news for our bloodlines in the Bristol area from yesterdays Coventry race in the West of England South Road Combine racing into a good working headwind against 2452 birds.

The Towers Club dominated the result with Nigel Templar winning 1st Club against 294 birds and 1st Combine against 2452 birds with a young cock bred from and inbred ‘Gerrie’ gift cock from Stuart Wilcox. This cock was bred from a son of REBEL (Drum x Gerrie) x HALO (Dtr Dutch Master x Gerrie) and his dam was also a direct daughter of ‘GERRIE’.  Dam of the winner was Nigels good breeding daughter of CHICO responsible of more than 70 x 1st prize winners into the third and fourth generation and he himself is bred from our old basic breeder HANNIBAL (Son Kannibal) with GENIE (Daughter Drum x Gerrie).

‘Gerrie’….Probably the best breeding daughter of Kleine Dirk ever!

‘Chico’ a son of Hannibal x Genie (Drum x Gerrie)  the Grandsire of of  Nigel Templars 1st WOESRC Coventry this week.


Second club and Second WOESRC is Stuart Wilcox with a young blue hen bred from his top class Minderhoud bloodlines through the TURBO PAIR when he was coupled to a hen bred by Steve Price out a son of PROPERE RIK x HALF SISTER COWGIRL and FOXY GIRL the superb racer and nest sister to the  phenomenal FOXY LADY.

Foxy Girl a top racer and even better breeder just like her nest sister Foxy Lady.


Fourth Club and WOESRC was Stuart Wilcox again with another young blue hen bred from his top performing Koen Minderhoud blood this time through his SPECIAL K cock paired to a daughter of GOLAN (Son Young Couple) x FOXY LADY.

Stuart also had a number of other early bird on the result including 16th Combine with a great granddaughter of FOXY LADY and 18th Combine with a granddaughter of WAR DRUM x RHIANNON.

Very well done to all involved.